Our Approach

Environments at Work Project Approach

The key focus of our Project Management process is coordination, communication and collaboration. It is the sharing of information between all members of the project team that will make the project a success.

Phase 1 – Pre-plan

• Hold kick-off meeting.
• Review floor plans for each floor.
• Determine timing of floor release schedule.
• Establish a contact list for all trades involved. Introduce EAW team to all key players.
• Address any concerns that may have arisen regarding the products specified. Any changes required?
• Create a schedule for project meetings.

Phase 2 – Plan

• Meet with Client to determine specific office design and seating preferences.
• Submit fabrics and finishes. Confirm and get approvals for order entry.
• Full review of floor plans.
• Attend construction meetings as required.
• Validate proper tagging of all products.
• Weekly Status Report to team.
• Review project progress to date.
• Establish a detailed order entry schedule by area and product type based on lead times.
• Site review to assess as-built concerns, electrical/data locations, etc.

Phase 3 – Order Entry

• Final review of floor plans by phase and floor with sign-off.
• Create SIF files by floor and double check against approved drawings.
• Submit product quote by area for approval & PO’s (sample enclosed).
• Create detailed installation timeline pending construction manager’s release of floors.
• EAW Team will review all orders for accuracy prior to order entry.
• Enter orders.
• Finalize installation plans. Review with EAW project manager and installation foreman.

Phase 4 – Manufacturing and Delivery

• Coordinate shipments of product.
• Project Coordinator will chart all acknowledgements and ship dates.
• Project Coordinator, Designer and PM will review all manufacturer acknowledgements for accuracy
(sample enclosed).
• Provide customer project status report (sample enclosed).
• Re-evaluate & readjust product delivery & installation as necessary.
• Attend construction meetings as required.
• Update status report to team.

Phase 5 – Pre-installation

• Verify critical electrical/data locations onsite.
• Coordinate loading dock & elevator requirements.
• Review requirements for tagging of products with installation foreman.
• Secure insurance certificates.
• Attend construction meetings as required.
• Update status reports to team.
• Finalize installation sequence and coordinate with the IT group.
• Create coded furniture placement plans (sample enclosed).

Phase 6 – Installation

• Dedicated PM and lead installer will be on-site throughout all phases of the installation.
• Continued communication with building management and construction company for loading dock and
elevator availability.
• Update installation schedules as conditions change and adjust manpower requirements accordingly.
• Begin the posting of furniture placement plans prior to arrival of any furniture.
• Walk the site with the PM and installation foreman as needed to ensure work is on schedule and
manpower is sufficient.
• Begin receiving product.
• Installation to be coordinated with electrician, tel/data and IT teams.
• Final wipe down, level and adjust.

Phase 7 – Punch List & Close

• Document shortages, damages and backorders as deliveries take place.
• Complete punch list walk-through and documentation (sample enclosed).
• Place correction orders as soon as an issue is identified.
• Create schedule for resolution of punch list items with ship dates.
• Verify each space for conformity to plans.
• Final walk through and client sign off.
• Project completion debrief / client satisfaction survey distributed (sample enclosed).