95 Hayden Avenue, Lexington, MA

Size 850 people; 200,000 SF Architect Jacobs
Construction Columbia Construction
Products Haworth Compose, Zody Seating, Enclose Walls
Date June 2016
Photography courtesy of Shire

Environments at Work (EAW) has been Shire’s exclusive provider of interior workplace solutions in Massachusetts for the past five years. Most recently EAW has helped Shire furnish 95 Hayden Avenue, part of the fast-growing biopharmaceutical company’s large innovative campus expansion in Lexington, MA.

The new space contains both open and closed offices, meeting and conference rooms, as well as community areas. EAW’s subsidiary, Integrated Interiors, designed and installed over 8,000 linear feet of moveable walls to beautifully divide spaces while enabling quick and easy reconfigurations as needed to accommodate Shire’s expected growth.