Lexington, MA

Size 60K SF
Architect Kling Stubbins
Contractor Lend Lease
Products Haworth Lifespace, Compose, Zody Seating
Date July/August 2011

Environments at Work (EAW) has been Shire’s exclusive provider of interior workplace solutions in Massachusetts for the past five years. Most recently EAW has helped Shire, a fast-growing global specialty biopharmaceutical company, create campuswide workspaces using moveable walls that allow reconfigurations on the fly.  The flexibility of the modular solution allows the organization to easily adapt to changing business needs, while simplifying the construction schedule.

EAW has a dedicated team who specializes in furniture design, projected costing and asset management services for their roughly 60,000 square foot real estate portfolio. Whether it involves a reconfiguration of existing space or a new out-of ground building which employs new innovative forms of workspace, EAW has proven to be a valued partner.

Despite scheduling and coordination challenges, consistently succeeded in completing timely installations with minimal downtime for the client.