The Meaning of Color

Color affects employee behavior, productivity levels, moods and attitudes.
Color creates the temperature and ambience of the office.
The meaning behind color recognition is both biological and learned.
We perceive color, evaluate and are affected by the context of color.

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Angela Wright, world-renown color psychologist, studied the dynamics of color and identified links between patterns of color and patterns of human behaviour. Yes, people have a strong sense of the connection between environments & mood!  People have visceral reactions to color. The key factor that Angela Wright recognized in studying color psychology was that, equally, there are no wrong colors; we do not respond to just one color, but to colors in combination. But just choosing a color isn't enough. Even more important than the actual color is the saturation and intensity of the color choice. Highly saturated, bright colors will stimulate while softer, muted colors will soothe.

According to Wright's theory, blue stimulates the mind, yellow inspires creativity, red affects your body and green creates a calming balance. Highly saturated, bright colors will stimulate while softer, muted colors will relax and soothe. So, when you choose colors to surround your workspace, think how do you want to feel and perform. For example, although wall color can’t perform miracles, it can certainly give you a boost in the right direction!

Warm vs. Cool Colors

WARM: Warmth & Comfort OR Energy & Movement

COOL: Calm & Serenity OR Stability, Trust & Creativity 

Downsides to Color
  • Warm Colors: can cause feelings of anger & hostility
  • Yellow: can cause feelings of hunger, anger and frustration, hostility
  • Red:can overstimulate employee 
  • Black & Dark Gray: can cause sadness and depression
At Your Desk

Simply using better lighting will increase productivity!

  • If you spend a lot of time at your desk choose a lighter surface. This will reduce eye strain by reducing the amount of contrast between your computer screen and background.  
  • If your desk is a darker color get a blotter or desk calendar to go beneath your computer.

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