Seeking Privacy at Work

// Problem: Open office plans do not allow for privacy or control over distractions in your work environment.
// Solution: Small enclosed work areas called "phone booths" are created.  New product applications offer privacy, sound proofing and workplace flexibility.

Space is a coveted commodity in the modern open office layout.  But, how do you create privacy and support a noise-free work environment for your employees? Furniture manufacturers have turned to their designers for answers. Phone rooms and huddle spaces have emerged as practical, efficient solutions. 

Below are some of the innovative products manufacturers have come up that provide quiet places for employees to work or talk within an open office.  

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A noise free work environment offers employees a time to focus in an open office or converse in private. Framery, based in Finland, has designed a great alternative to the bulky, inflexible phone rooms with their small self-contained private, sound proof space.  Their website boasts, “Framery phone booth is a perfect solution to increase employee well-being in open office.  This gives a unique possibility to create noise free work environment and focus on productivity.” 

“With Framery products you can design your office in a totally new way. Placing the booths in the middle of the office staff allows you to realize open plan office without the common noise problems.”

The overall size of this phone booth is a small 40”D x 40”W x 87”H. The product offers numerous finish options and is even moveable with the use of a dolly.


Haworth has also come up with a phone booth solution.  Their new product line, Openest has the ability to create private work space with great aesthetics and flexibility. 

Haworth describes the line as, “An ensemble of lounge furniture that responds to this ever-evolving nature of work by facilitating the new landscape of today’s work environments.” “No matter how the space is arranged, Openest looks neat and uncluttered, creating a refuge for working or relaxing.”


BuzziSpace is another manufacturer that has honed in on the need for privacy in an open office plan. Among their several privacy offerings is the wallmounted Buzzihood for acoustical silence, the Buzzihive for three-person private meeting spaces and the BuzziBooth a noise buffering phone box. 

These products are beautifully designed to fit into any office space with a variety of colors to choose from. These products offer your employees the opportunity to take a moment to themselves without leaving the confines of the office.

Boss Design

Based around one simple unit, Boss Design's Cocoon product can be used for team meetings, collaborative tasks or a base for the day.

It aims to combine the sit and posture of a traditional desk and task seat, with the comfort and feel from a sofa. The high sides, back and roof provide total privacy from the surrounding environment without the need for interior sub structures.


Keilhauer's Talk is a collection of seating and tables designed to encourage face-to-face interaction. The angle of the seat and back, combined with the coordinating tables, positions people for natural communication. High backs provide visual and sound privacy, and low backs create more casual meeting places. Two-seater benches with backs are available in meeting seat height or lounge seat height. Six tables in different sizes and heights complete the series.

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