From architectural elements to freestanding furniture, products that enhance great spaces.

By maintaining relationships with Haworth and more than 150 other manufacturers, Environments at Work can provide furniture solutions for any style and price point. We support our clients with strong product knowledge, expert services, effective project management and experience in identifying smart furniture investments.


Systems furniture lets you easily create a complete, cohesive space that easily adapts to rapidly changing business and technology climates. Our core systems allow you to integrate furniture systems, components, storage and technology from multiple product lines. Systems furniture divides space, allow for routing and access of power and communications, and provide work surface and storage for users. Select from our broad materials and finishes to create a space that harmonizes with any environment.


Our desk and case good solutions provide user comfort as well as aesthetic integration with other products in the surrounding environment. Our broad finishes offering, eco-friendly furniture manufacturing processes, and shared dimensions across lines make it easy to create an elegant and productive workspace.


Our office seating collections are engineered for comfort and durability, using sustainable processes and materials whenever possible. Our ergonomic task seating products are designed for all user types with multiple design and price options. We also offer a full line of guest and lounge seating, training and conference solutions as well as a complete executive chair offering.


Storage solutions including filing, towers and pedestals complete any workspace with ample storage for all types of personal and media items. You can use and re-use storage solutions in a variety of spaces and configurations. Engineered for strength, durability, and lasting value, our office storage is a smart investment.


We feature finely crafted boardroom conference tables and sleek, fully powered training tables. With an exceptional variety of surface choices, edge details, base styles, top shades, and technology-friendly features, our office table collection invites you to customize the look and feel of your training and conference rooms.


Task lighting coupled with natural light is the right solution to provide users the right amount of light for any task.


Walls can divide space, create visual and acoustical privacy and route power and communications for access to technology. Having them moveable instead of traditional drywall builds in flexibility for the future and reduces costs when reconfiguring as components are re-usable. Our moveable walls bridge the gap between architecture and office furniture.

Modular wall systems are available through Integrated Interiors at Work. To learn more, please visit:


When raised access flooring is utilized, the modular furniture above can be reconfigured without disruption to power and communications routing making changes simple and cost effective for the facility. They are quick to install, technology-ready, and quiet underfoot. They also allow for better HVAC distribution for increased airflow and temperature regulation.

Raised floor systems are available through Integrated Interiors at Work. To learn more, please visit:

Power and Communications

Technology solutions for electrical power and data and voice telecommunications are built with the user and facility in mind. Plug and play solutions allow for quick reconfiguration. Access points can be configured on multiple levels for convenience.

Power and Communications are available through Integrated Interiors at Work. To learn more, please visit:

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