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Introducing Milder Office

Environments at Work is proud to welcome Milder Office to our family of products. Milder Office is a Brooklyn-based furniture design and production company offering customizable office systems fabricated through local manufacturing networks. Specializing in modular furniture for the office, library and school. Milder Office designs and produces environments for office as well as educational environments.


Jonas Milder is a designer and educator. Whether designing work or learning spaces or educating future designers, his research and practice continuously engages, challenges and bridges both spheres.

Jonas Milder has been a full-time faculty member of the Industrial Design Department at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia since 1997. He served as Chair of the undergraduate Industrial Design program between 2002 and 2006 and directed the Masters of Industrial Design (MiD) program from 2007 until 2012. Learn more about Jonas >>

Design for Use
Jonas Milder is founder and principal of Milder Office, a design/build company that, for more than two decades, has offered furniture and fixtures for working and learning that are designed in a participatory way and produced through a local network of suppliers and fabricators.

The Milder Furniture System™ offers a wide range of solutions for office, studio, classroom, dorm and library applications. Check out Milder’s Office, LIbrary & School Projects >>

All product is made-to-order and Milder Office works closely with its clients to respond to and realize their actual project needs and budget.

Design for education
In addition to designing and producing “hardware” for working and learning, Milder Office offers “Learning Things”, a workshop program designed to assist a community of practice to better understand, make sense of, and collectively improve their work/learning environments and flows.


In two hour workshops, “Learning Things” grow awareness about learning as a system. Building on everyday experiences, workshop participants move from personal insight to a shared understanding on how to best work towards continuous improvement of their work- and learning experience.

Learn more about Milder Office >>


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