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Designing for Focus Work: a new white paper from Haworth, Inc.

“Designing for Focus Work” is a new white paper that shares approaches to workplace design and it’s available on haworth.com. Open and interactive spaces that encourage collaboration can also introduce distractions that can sabotage focus work. Including spaces that help minimize distractions, thus allowing for greater focus, are vital for worker productivity.

Designing for Focus Work1

Employers need open and interactive spaces to encourage collaboration, and such spaces can introduce distractions. Distractions, however, sabotage focus, and focus work is a necessary part of collaborative efforts. How can we solve this conflict? Approach workplace design so that it encourages both collaboration and focus work: Offer employees a variety of workspace options, choice over where, how, and when to best work, and control over workspace features and furnishings. Make the workplace legible and clutter-free so employees won’t waste effort navigating the workplace. Lastly, include “recharge” spaces; focus work takes intense effort, and it requires breaks.

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