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Introducing Ventev Raised Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna

Aesthetics and high performance Wi-Fi are equally important in today’s open office environments. Unfortunately, many office Wi-Fi networks have bulky or ugly wires and equipment in plain sight. Ventev’s new Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna hides the Wi-Fi antenna and cabling by concealing it inside a floor tile in raised access floor applications. This innovative solution is aesthetically-pleasing and blends the Wi-Fi network infrastructure seamlessly into the workplace environment.

  • Ventev’s patent-pending TerraWave Raised Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna embeds Ventev’s proprietary antenna technology into Haworth® TecCrete® Access Flooring.
  • The Access Floor Antenna is typically deployed in raised-floor environments : offices, schools, libraries, museums and casinos.
  • Deployed under a variety of fabrics and finishes, this antenna will withstand normal office activities, including proper load bearing, with no performance degradation.
  • Allows flexible placement in the flooring grid.

See it in action below.

Click to learn more about Ventev’s Raised Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna 1250 Panel with RPTNC Connectors.

photos copyright Ventev

Ventev’s TerraWave brand is a recognized leader in Wi-Fi antennas and enclosures. Ventev offers a comprehensive ecosystem of innovative Wi-Fi products that address the unique challenges for deploying reliable Wi-Fi networks in indoor and outdoor environments where aesthetics is important.

Click to learn more about Ventev’s portfolio.



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