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Take it Outside

Outdoor work spaces are becoming more viable and legitimate since workers have greater mobility and can connect virtually anywhere via WiFi. Designing and creating an outdoor space as an extension to your indoor workplace enables employee choice in where one works. Unfortunately, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 93% of their life indoors –  87% in buildings and 6% in automobiles. Sounds like we need to get outside a bit more.

  • Creating outdoor common areas such as patios, dining areas, cafes, and gardens are examples of work environments where we can take some time to get outside, clear our minds, and enjoy a beautiful day – while still at work.
  • Breathing fresh air and taking in natural light is proven to improve mood while having an overall positive effect on worker wellness. In fact, if you don’t have an outdoor space at your office, bringing the “outdoors in” could yield a similar effect on worker wellness. Check out our article and learn more about biophilic design.

So, take five, grab your laptop and head outside!

outdoor products environments at work

1. BuzziShed provides a shaded area for working on your laptop, BuzziSpace

2. Easy access to outdoor power, Landscape Forms

3. An outdoor patio and collaborative space, Haworth / Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), Vancouver Canada

4. Outdoor Lounge Seating, JANUS et Cie

5. Network connectivity is expected in outdoor common areas, but deploying an outdoor WiFi network can be expensive and complex. Ventev’s portfolio of pre-configured, durable, weatherproof products ensure reliable WiFi coverage in any outdoor environment.

6. Porcelain decking, hardscaping and rooftop products aesthetically coordinate your exterior spaces with your interior spaces, Mbrico 

7.  Very Seating, Haworth

An outside patio allows employees to soak up the California sun in this unique space while discussing the next great idea, Haworth / Cornerstone OnDemand

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