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Think Inside the [Orange]Box

The other day, I needed a quiet, private spot to meet with a co-worker to review a project. My tiny touch-down station offered us no help, and all of the conference rooms were booked. Frustration set in until I remembered that our new Orangebox Air3 pod had just been installed in the office and could provide the privacy we were desperately seeking.  We were literally able to think “inside the [Orange]box”!

In a time when space and privacy in the workplace are at a premium, Orangebox Air3 offers a flexible, attractive and cost-effective solution to freshen up the office.  Welcome to the office of the future.  Orangebox’s Air3 is an enclosed, acoustically-sound pod that provides coveted private space in the office AND can be built in just one workday! If that’s not enough, it’s also a totally unfixed system capable of simply connecting to power and technology.

What makes Orangebox’s Air3 so special? The Air pod is a temporary space with a permanent feel.  It’s an investment that moves with you. Just knock it down and relocate it to your new office space. Simply, you get all of this in one freestanding package:

  • Acoustics: The pod offers great acoustical speech privacy in even the loudest of offices.
  • Fire Safety: Orangebox is a truly un-tethered flexible room system. Even in sprinkler environments, there’s no need to drop sprinkler heads into the pods anymore. The patented roof opening louver system is one of a kind and allows this pod to be easily installed and relocated because it does not need tethering to building technology system or sprinklers.
Need air? Roof opens & closes at the touch of a button.
lighting contril
Easy to use lighting controls lets YOU set the scene!
Similar to this setup, at Environments at Work, we’ve chosen to mount a screen on one wall of the pod, with whiteboards lining the opposite side, utilizing every available feature of these moveable and untethered pods.
  • Flexibility: Reconfigure and change wherever, whenever. They offer flexibility in the ever-evolving workspace. The Air3 system can be re-configured and re-used as a freestanding meeting room, workroom, private booth, phone booth or a touchdown room. Need a few private spaces sprinkled throughout your open office? No problem. Want to reconfigure a meeting space into a phone room? No problem! Plus, the product installs very quickly saving on installation labor costs and downtime.
  • Aesthetics: Not only are the pods offered in a variety styles and sizes, but a wide selection of fabrics and finishes are available to allow for customization. Wall panels can be easily changed and refreshed. The pod features an aluminum frame combined with flat or curved glass.

What are its applications? Air Pods are great in any work environment but have been proven especially beneficial to universities, libraries, banks, and labs.

To see it is to believe it. Get thinking “inside the [Orange]box”!  Our business plans are always changing, and as a result, so are the innovative and relevant office spaces. The ability to evolve and move with these changes is much easier when your furniture can move and change with you. With Orangebox Air3, you can create the office space that works for you now AND in the future.

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