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Office Spaces Come Alive with VR

As a child of the 80’s, I’ve witnessed the evolution of gaming from the first Nintendo and Atari consoles. With the amazing developments in 3-D technology over the years, video games have evolved to give us a truly lifelike experience – immersing us right in the game.

The same technologies that have captivated kids for decades have also begun to decode challenges inherent to the complex process of visualizing space. Virtual reality (VR) applied to interior design now allows us to feel like we’re actually “in” a space, allowing us to experience it and spatially understand it better.

In recent years, VR has gained momentum across many areas of the interior design industry and is quickly becoming a favorite way for architects and developers to present their visions. After all, if you can search for a hotel or buy a car using 360 views why not apply the same principles to planning office space?

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Whether you’re a small business looking to grow using a mashup of new and existing furniture or a large business charged with reducing a workspace footprint, visualization can play an important part in the life of a contract furniture project.

Seeing is Believing!
Check out why Environments at Work utilizes VR technology to create office designs:

  • VR can compress the planning process. After all, efficiency is key to a successful and timely project. We better support our customers with their furniture layouts by using the technology. At the very start of a project, it allows clients to see and feel the design and furniture without dragging out a lengthy and sometimes painful mock-up process.
  • VR removes the guesswork and enhances communication. As designers, we have the ability to visualize adjacencies or how finishes will complement each other, but we understand it’s not so easy for everyone. Making sure the team ‘sees the same thing’ eliminates confusion.
  • VR can speed up the decision making process. Typically, decision-makers do not have time to review every single detail that drives a furniture specification; using visualization can help.
  • VR can help simplify. Since contract furniture has grown exponentially more complex over the past 30 years – both in its breadth and ability to be customized -the process from client engagement to installation has dramatically increased. Given that products are manufactured-to-order and many projects are based heavily on customized items, it’s more important than ever that customers have a clear understanding of exactly what they are ordering and how the final product will look in their space.

“Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction…” – Mark Zuckerberg

Applying VR technology to our design projects ensure peace of mind and confidence for our clients while also providing our team with a clear design direction. 
Through VR, we are able to create a virtual office space, make furniture and finish changes on the fly, solicit “live” feedback from clients resulting in less confusion and eliminating any time wasted with the typical back-and-forth using just paper plans. Oh, and seeing a client experience their space in real time is tremendously exciting!

Feel it. CLICK HERE for a Look: 360 View of Our Showroom (no VR headset needed!)

2018-10-09 13_49_35-Haworth - Environments at Work - View in VR

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