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The Return to Work Toolkit

The Return to Work Toolkit from The Boston Real Estate COVID Consortium is here! Environments at Work is proud to be part of this project. Our goal is to provide practical and user-friendly information designed to shore up any gaps in an immediate RTW plan.

Weekly publications are posted on our COVID-19 Support page and on our LinkedIn page.

Issues will take a deeper dive to spotlight relevant and timely topics including:

  • Returning to Work
  • Restarting Construction Activities
  • A Guide to IAQ & HVAC Considerations
  • Cleaning Protocols
  • A Guide to Restarting your “On Hold” capital construction projects
  • Change Management & Communication Plans
  • Ongoing Facilities + Operational Changes
  • Workplace Standards + Furniture
  • Long Term Real Estate Strategies

We Want to Hear From You!
If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for content, please contact us.

About the Boston’s Real Estate COVID Consortium
Our mission is to conduct a knowledge share of current industry best practices and due diligence around workplace design and construction requirements adapting to changes in codes and regulatory amendments in the post-COVID-19 world. Its members include professional multiple disciplines of real estate industry, including architecture and interior design, audiovisual integrator, code consultants, commercial real estate brokerage, commissioning agents,  environmental engineers, general contractors, furniture dealers, MEP/FP engineers and owner’s project managers.


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