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EVENT: Leveraging Technology to Enable an Agile Workplace

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Workplace environments play an important role in defining the employee experience. Join us for a discussion about the science behind workplace optimization.

The session will walk you through some of the key insights gained in designing workplaces to enable the agile workplace. From early feedback of people returning to workplace to maximizing long term performance, this program will explore the impact of workplace and workflow design.

Virtual Event
Tuesday, October 20th
11:00 AMĀ  – 12:30 PM (EST)


Discussion led by Raj Krishnamurthy, CEO of Freespace, and moderated by Amy Lalezari, Partner & Director of Client Solutions at Environments at Work.

Unlock the value in your real estate and workforce with Freespace, the technology behind cost savings, increased productivity, and improved employee engagement.

Freespace is a global leader in workplace technology solutions that helps organizations achieve significant cost savings and improve space efficiency, real estate performance, employee well-being, and productivity.

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