Boston Ballet

Boston, MA

Size 80K SF
Architect Gensler
Construction J. Calnan & Assoc.
Products Haworth Compose, Zody, Adaptable Components
Date March 2011

After 20 years at 19 Clarendon St, the Boston Ballet needed to renovate their facility to accommodate the 60 professional dancers, 160 full time staff and 1000’s of dancers that participate in the many programs and services that the Ballet offers.

A comprehensive renovation project was developed to bring the space up to the level of excellence that is expected of the Boston Ballet on the stage, in the studio and in the community. From the start, careful planning was essential in order to preserve the occupied space and daily activities of the Ballet. Environments at Work (EAW) maintained a detailed schedule that minimized the impact on the offi ce staff as well as the rehearsal and recital schedules. Despite the extensive renovations required to modernize the facility, Boston Ballet faced a very tight budget. By beginning the planning process early, EAW & Gensler were able to work together and select the most eff ective, functional and modern furniture from Haworth that compliments the functionality of the new design.