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Boston, MA

Environments at Work (EAW) helped the technology company realize its vision for its new office space. Through exploration and open communication, EAW delivered an outstanding client experience providing solutions to meet aesthetic and functional needs – showcasing exceptional design while adhering to budget and schedule requirements.

After substantial growth, Klaviyo relocated to a new, larger space over seven floors at 125 High Street, Boston, and enlisted EAW to help. The goal of the new space was to deliver a space that showcased exceptional design – beautiful and unique, comfortable and functional to accommodate 1000+ employees.

As a design-driven project, the architect developed a unique and creative theme, focusing on a natural element to define each floor within the space (examples: concrete, metal, and wood). Layering materials was vital in achieving the aesthetic. Through careful product application and finish selection, EAW realized an “old-meets-new” design vision allowing the architect’s ideas to come to life.

150,000 SF

IA Interior Architects
Project Manager
McCall & Almy
Commodore Builders
courtesy Commodore Builders

EAW provided workstations by AIS, seating by Haworth, and product solutions for formal and informal meeting spaces and multiple collaboration spaces using a variety of manufacturers.

Despite challenges delivering and installing a large project during the COVID-19 pandemic, EAW ensured the project ran smoothly, successfully coordinated work among the trades, and delivered each floor on time. The close working relationship, clear communication, flexibility, and trust built among the project team (EAW, the client, architect, and general contractor) were pivotal throughout the entire process. EAW is proud to continue a successful partnership with Klaviyo.