A need. A beginning.

EAW was founded by a team of industry leaders with the belief that there could be a better way. Redefining the way spaces are designed and delivering extraordinary client experiences are just the beginning.

Delivering inspiring spaces simply.

Led by passion and purpose, we listen, collaborate, and partner with our clients. Providing the right people, process, and products to ensure your space will perform and inspire. Enhancing business and helping people love where they work. We make work yours, simply.


We're part of a family of brands

We provide a one-stop shop for creating adaptable, innovative, and transformative spaces. Leveraging our portfolio of companies, we deliver solutions that uniquely fit your organization. Our structure is unmatched in the industry.

Why settle for the same, when you can have better? We knew we could be different. Expertise, people, service, culture…our formula for a better way.

Ken Patrick
Founding Partner, EAW

A team dedicated to extraordinary results.

Great companies have great people and we’ve got them. We’re a crew of problem solvers bound by an entrepreneurial spirit committed to seeking unique solutions for every client.

Part of our local community.

Our people consider themselves part of something greater, dedicated to charitable giving and continually participating in community events.