UMASS Lowell Innovation Hub + M2D2 Labs

Lowell, MA

Size 22,000 SQ FT / 2 Floors
Architect ICON Architecture
Products Haworth Intuity Workstations, X Series Storage, Planes Tables, Patterns Desking, LIM Lighting, Very Task Seating, Hello and Harbor Lounge Seating
Date 2015
Photographer Maureen Patrick

Environments at Work (EAW) was chosen to work with the University of Massachusetts Lowell to create their fi rst Innovation Hub which links the region’s technology startups and entrepreneurs to resources that facilitate the development, manufacturing and commercialization of their respective innovations. The project is located in a renovated mill building and consists of 56 workstations, 12 offi ces, 6 large multi-purpose rooms and other areas.

The project team created various types of neighborhoods with furnishings to accommodate open co-working, collaboration, meeting and conferencing. These environments include a large cafe that converts into an open meeting area, phone booths that double as small meeting rooms, and large rooms that can function as research labs.

In additon, the space was designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by off ering inspiring rental space for its’ clientele.