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Andover, MA

As a fast-growing software company, Aras engaged EAW in the expansion of its corporate headquarters to help create a workspace flexible enough to accommodate an increase in headcount, and with an aesthetic to attract and retain high-tech talent. The needs and wants of Aras employees were major considerations in creating an effective workspace for the company. Maintaining the existing culture of inclusivity and limited hierarchy were key drivers that formed the workspace.

Aras previously occupied a smaller space within Andover Landing – the same corporate campus as the new space – but moving to a new, gutted and renovated historic mill space provided a light-filled, open-collaborative office environment that fits Aras’ high-tech workforce. Additionally, the choice to relocate but stay within the same complex allowed employees’ continued access to the great amenities they became accustomed to within the campus – day care, easy access to highway, parking garage, full-service cafeteria, fitness center, outdoor courtyard.

Upon entering the space, a focus was placed on creating a welcoming experience – for visitors and employees. Glass-walled phone rooms (furnished and installed by our sister company, Integrated Interiors) and lounge seating are adjacent to reception and provide much needed private spots and quiet areas for people to gather – and are set apart from the rest of the office.

65,000 SF

Architect / Interior Design
McGuinness Group
Project Manager
KS Partners, Integrated Interiors
Ben Gebo

The new space occupies two floors with high ceilings and natural light. Common areas including the conference and training rooms, a video production room, a café, and a large meeting area dubbed “Town Hall” make up most of the first floor. The second level primarily consists of workstations, private offices and collaboration areas.

Special consideration was taken to design a space that would reinforce a sense of inclusivity and flat hierarchy. With a reduction in personal work areas in the new space compared to the previous space, care was taken to use consistent finishes across both workstations and private offices to maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout the work environment. In the private offices, Aras looked to maintain a similar layout of the old space while reducing foot print size. In personal workstations, tall panels are replaced by glass dividers atop low-height panels – producing an energizing aesthetic to offset a reduction in personal work area.

Staying employee-focused was a driving force for Aras leadership when envisioning and executing the best workspace for the company’s goals and employee satisfaction. Aras’ employees lacked a variety of spots to meet in their previous space, so creating common areas in support of employee collaboration was a huge requirement for the new space, including:

  • A large “Town Hall” to support get-togethers. This flexible café/meeting space where employees can meet both casually to dine or conference in small groups. The room is equipped with technology (sound/music and screen) to accommodate company-wide meetings.
  • A smaller, secondary café for more client-facing events. Employees and their visitors occupying the adjacent conference rooms utilize this area for breakout meetings or to grab a quick refreshment or snack.
  • Huddle and collaboration spaces anchor each open workstation area.Lastly, meeting the move-in deadline was one of the biggest challenges. EAW worked with the entire project team to appropriately deliver and install the furniture despite a challenging construction schedule.

Lastly, meeting the move-in deadline was one of the biggest challenges. EAW worked with the entire project team to appropriately deliver and install the furniture despite a challenging construction schedule.

EAW was instrumental in helping Aras to execute a successful office move and upgrade. Project management, design, and best practices advice; EAW did it all! The furniture solutions have perfectly captured Aras’s vision and culture. Feedback from employees about their new work spaces is positive, and we’ve already seen a benefit in recruiting new employees.


Peter Schroer
CEO, Aras