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Compass Working Capital

Boston, MA

EAW is proud to partner with Compass Working Capital to provide a welcoming space for its clients and employees that helps promote and represent the great work it does for the community.

We’re honored that our partnership with Compass was recognized by the Boston Business Journal as one of the 2020 Partners of the Year honorees, part of the BBJ’s 15th Annual Corporate Citizenship Awards.

Compass Working Capital is an inspiring not-for-profit company that provides support to families with low incomes, helping them to “build assets and financial capabilities as a pathway to greater economic opportunity”.


8,000 SF

Project Manager
image courtesy of Compass Working Capital

Environments at Work and its team exemplified the true spirit of partnership. They guided us through every step of the project and offered unique perspectives on the office construction and design process. Together, we created a space that is professional, aspirational, and inspirational – everything our clients and their families deserve and one that reflects our mission.

Sherry Riva
Founder & CEO, Compass Working Capital

EAW had previously worked with Compass creating its office space in 2017. In 2019, with a new, unique space at Lincoln Plaza in Boston, we were proud to work with the Compass team once again to develop a thoughtful layout without compromising functionality or comfort. The goal of the new space was to serve more clients in the community. EAW’s challenge was to design and equip the office to create a professional space to accommodate 40+ employees, provide comfortable spaces where Compass can counsel clients with sensitive information, and create a welcoming environment for families and children visiting the office.

The unique shape of the office space posed another challenge but EAW enlisted its partner Integrated at Work, to install floor-to-ceiling demountable walls from Haworth. The team was able to provide 31 workstations and 3 private offices in the limited space and incorporated 7 coaching rooms and a conference room, too.

Budget was an important factor for the not-for-profit company, so EAW was determined to provide value-driven, yet high-quality solutions. Products from our manufacturer partners Haworth and National were specifically selected to satisfy functional and budgetary needs.

To effectively manage the process and exceed Compass’s expectations, the EAW team provided a helpful education on furniture specification and the procurement process as well as resources to assist them in the future.