Cove Hill Partners Primary Photo

Cove Hill Partners

Boston, MA

Cove Hill Partners, a boutique private equity firm, chose Environments at Work to help execute their vision and build out their first office space at 888 Boylston Street, Boston.

The team at Cove Hill imagined a high-end, residential feel for their new office space where the interior would be just as beautiful as their views of the city.  Furnishings were proposed based not only on functionality, but on their clean lines and warm color palette of grey wash and wood tones. Comfortable linen upholstery added to the residential comfort and aesthetic.

EAW delivered and installed the project on time despite an aggressive timeline in time for the client’s grand opening. The entire project team had a great dynamic and made the process enjoy able and an overall successful project.

8,000 SF

IA Interior Architects
Project Manager
Robert Benson