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Easy Mile Fitness

Boston, MA

The Easy Mile Fitness project showcases a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. By leveraging custom solutions and incorporating the client’s brand identity, the result is a vibrant, cohesive, and personalized workspace that reflects the energetic spirit of Easy Mile Fitness as a franchisee of Planet Fitness. The successful collaboration between EAW, Dyer Brown, Sienna, and the client demonstrates the capability to overcome challenges and deliver a unique, tailored office environment.

Project Highlights

  • Franchisee of Planet Fitness: The client, Easy Mile Fitness, is a franchisee of Planet Fitness. This unique aspect influenced the design, incorporating Planet Fitness colors into the finish palette. Custom purple guest chairs and acoustical treatments bring the brand identity into the workspace.
  • Showroom Inspiration: The client was impressed with a showroom visit, particularly admiring the workstations. The design team virtually replicated these workstations in the new space, showcasing a cohesive and appealing look.
  • Custom Solutions: The project embraced a significant number of custom solutions. The executive offices and boardrooms are entirely custom, from tables to work walls. Close collaboration with the client ensured that their vision was brought to life in these distinctive spaces.
  • Cohesive Look: The finishes between the millwork, workstations, and private offices were carefully matched to create a cohesive and professional aesthetic throughout the office space.

Product Solutions/Applications

  • (16) workstations (Haworth)
  • (8) glass storefront private offices (Haworth)
  • (2) custom executive offices (Haworth)
  • Café and kitchen area
  • Small conference room and huddle room (Haworth Veda chairs; National custom tables)
  • Boardroom featuring a custom black matte back-painted glass table (Enwork) and custom chairs (Keilhauer)

10,000 SF

Dyer Brown
Siena Construction
Ben Gebo


Private Offices

Cafe, Kitchen & Meeting