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Gupta Media

Boston, MA

EAW helped Gupta Media design and furnish their new, larger office space at 200 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA. After a full demolition and re-construction of the space, the growing digital marketing agency now lives in a modern, open office outfitted for 80 employees.

The client’s vision of a modern, high-design look with a residential feel was achieved using a mix of commercial and residential products. The result is a fun, beautiful residential-feeling space that reflects the vibe of the company. EAW designed and sourced all furniture pieces including workstations, private offices, tables, seating and lounge pieces, as well as rugs, curtains and accessories.

Another requirement was to create multiple common areas to encourage people to interact and socialize within the space. Multiple huddle, technology, café, living room and lounge-like settings achieved that goal.

In addition, a unique, custom, ergonomic workstation solution was created by combining a height-adjustable table and a storage unit. The low, benching application fosters interaction among the staff.

Clear communication and a great working relationship with both the Gupta team and the architect was key to a seamless, timely installation.

12,500 SF

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Project Manager
Commodore Builders
Robert Benson