Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Primary Photo

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

Boston, MA

EAW was excited to work with the team at MGH on a new, flexible, “think-tank” collaboration space named The Hopper (previously known as the Kraft Center) at 25 New Chardon, Boston, MA. This space was created to allow employees to break from their traditional workstations and engage in a open, communal, and welcoming space.  Different styles of seating were chosen for the area to promote interest and collaboration.

EAW managed the project from start to finish, selecting unique pieces to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that is also highly functional. EAW has been providing MGH with furniture, design and project management services for many years. EAW works with many of their facilities and hospitals in Boston and throughout the Greater Boston area, outfitting new office spaces, reconfiguring existing furniture, or managing the day to day furniture-related services needed to keep their facilities running with minimal downtime.

1,020 SF

Miller Dyer Spears
Project Manager