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Weston, MA

Monster, one of the top recruiters for corporations, enlisted the help of Environments at Work (EAW) to redesign and consolidate its headquarters space. The space was transformed by carefully combining an open plan layout while incorporating hoteling workstations to support individual privacy and today’s hybrid workforce.

Monster occupied four floors in an outdated building with furniture that lacked cohesiveness, functionality, and inspiration. The goal was to consolidate all 311 employees to 1.5 floors while maintaining and improving workplace culture, with updated designs and products to attract and retain top talent and better reflect the company culture.

31,000 SF

RTSPCPinnacle Architecture & Design
Project Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle
Chapman Construction
Ben Gebo (exterior shot courtesy of Monster)

EAW took special consideration during the pre-design process to understand and develop a solution that fulfilled the client’s vision. The Monster project team visited Haworth’s Boston and New York showrooms for inspiration and accelerated decision-making. Having the ability to view furniture in an actual office setting assisted the client in making educated decisions regarding office design solutions and validating product selections.

As the project progressed during the COVID pandemic, Monster desired a space to assist in an easy transition for employees to return to work in a new space and easy to maintain/keep clean. The result was a sleek and streamlined open plan design, including workstations, collaborative areas for team building, huddle rooms, and hoteling stations.

Strict COVID-related job-site regulations ultimately affected the installation schedule, but EAW adapted, completing the installation in phases using a rolling schedule to meet deadlines. Through open communication, flexibility, and agility, the project team worked with the client to clearly define goals and deliver a well-executed, beautifully designed space on time and within budget.

I worked closely with EAW’s amazing team to deliver a beautiful space the employees would love. The design was creative, and the team was accommodating. We put EAW on the spot, and they delivered every time, supporting us every step of the way. EAW ensured our vision came to life.

Mary Pattison
Facility Manager, Monster