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Pyxis Oncology

Boston, MA

Environments at Work (EAW) is proud to have partnered with Pyxis Oncology to create its new office space on Harrison Avenue. A leading biotech company, Pyxis’ focused on designing an innovative workplace that supported its employees’ different ways of working.

EAW engaged with the Pyxis team early in the process, which allowed time for thoughtful furniture planning and finding the right product solutions for each application. Working closely with the architect, the EAW team developed a solution that works exceptionally well within the building architecture and around the central focus of the lab areas. Wording closely with the general contractor, the team delivered an exceptional experience despite construction delays, new construction with multiple tenants building out space, and tenants moving in simultaneously. The client was delighted that the project was delivered on time and within budget and was impressed with the team’s cohesiveness and creative solutions.

EAW leveraged our family of brands to help solve Pyxis’ workspace and business goals. Product solutions provided by the AT WORK COLLABORATIVE

  • Workstations, private offices, conference rooms, and collaboration areas to support 50 employees were specified and delivered by Environments at Work.
  • Demountable walls were supplied and installed by our affiliate Integrated at Work.
  • Pxyis’ supplier diversity effort was supported through our affiliate People, Places & Spaces
  • Product solutions were specified from various manufacturers, including Haworth/Haworth Collection, Enwork, Souce Seating, National, Ghent, and Ergotron.

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