Legibility for Generation Z

Generation Z and the emerging need for legibility in workplace design

Work space design for generation Y is now a dominant force

In the past 5 years or so, we have seen the traditional office—dominated by cubicles lined up in orderly rows— begin to fade away. We are leaving this Baby Boomer era of office design behind and are well on our way into the work world of Generation Y. Part of this change is due to how rapidly technology has un-tethered us from traditional office space. But change has also been driven by the preferred work style of Generation Y, which is much more collaborative and motivated by the need for social connection. At the office, they demand choice over the location of their work and a variety of options in spaces to use. They prefer diversity and excitement in the look and feel of their workspace. In response, companies are adding an increasing diversity of individual and interactive venues for work, ranging from rooftop gardens, intimate lounge areas, and cafés to game rooms and meditation centers.