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Haworth Digital Knitting: Bringing Fashion to Furniture

What if your desk chair could offer the refined coziness of your favorite sweater along with the support and style of the latest running shoe—combining beautiful knit patterns, soft high-performance fibers, and breathable comfort?

Haworth Digital Knits are produced using state-of-the-art digital knitting machines and custom fiber compositions—based on specific requirements for strength, durability, and softness. Offering new and unexpected textile possibilities. Removing typical design constraints, knits provide more freedom to create striking, unique pieces with patterns, colors, textures, and performance elements unavailable elsewhere.

Haworth Digital Knits are the embodiment of design and innovation—creating workspaces with the residential warmth people are drawn to.

Read more about Haworth’s Digital Knits innovation here & here, or watch the video below!

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