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Lexington, MA

ConvaTec, a global medical device and technology company operating in 100+ countries and with 9,900+ employees, selected Environments at Work (EAW) to help design and furnish its first office and lab space in the United States.

The goal of the new space was to bring together 50 of the company’s employees who had previously only worked remotely. The workspace needed to reflect the tech company’s brand while defining company culture and setting a precedent for future ConvaTec workspaces in the United States. 

The project was exciting, and the EAW team strived to realize ConvaTec’s vision and get the space right! Bringing employees to the office necessitated a modern, flexible, and agile workplace that accommodated a hybrid work model. This goal was realized through careful furniture, architectural, and finish selections.

Additionally, EAW’s partner, Integrated at Work, completed a fit-out package that included demountable walls and a full glass & glazing package.

17,000 SF

DiMella Shaffer, Gensler
Project Manager
BW Kennedy & Company
Ben Gebo

The project progressed through the pandemic, so in-person project meetings were limited. EAW’s design team utilized our Real-Time Design approach, a collaborative design development process, to virtually present many layout options to the ConvaTec team. The client could easily view and compare multiple finishes and layout choices, enabling faster decisions and more confidence in final selections. Communication among the project team was straightforward and efficient, keeping everyone on the same page and expediting the design and approval process.

The resulting space consists of many unassigned workspaces that allow employees’ choice when in the office – areas to accommodate solo “heads-down” work or places to facilitate meetings and collaboration. Additionally, most furnishings are on casters for flexibility, so furniture can be easily reconfigured as needed.

We were impressed with EAW’s real-time design process, specifically Bluescape. Our team made decisions and finalized designs virtually despite being in multiple locations.

Jessica Hillman
Global Procurement Manager, ConvaTec

Product solutions and applications:

  • 24 bench-style workstations with height-adjustable desking and seating, all by Haworth
  • 3 conference rooms
  • 12 collaboration spaces, including huddle rooms and phone rooms
  • 1 café
  • 1 “quiet room” with pods
  • lockers
  • lab seating
  • demountable walls and a glass & glazing package provided by EAW’s partner, Integrated at Work