Supporting Workstyles for Greater Organizational Performance

AIA Course #: HAW573
IDCEC Course #: 102059
Subject Code: 2:5 Interior Design: Future Issues

One Hour Course

Learn to support the diversity of how people work and how your facility can support workers’ needs. Being able to identify workstyles helps design workplaces that foster growth, inspire people, and impact organizational performance. Employees represent the largest part of a company’s overall investment and now more than ever, supporting the needs of workers is critical in workplace design.

Course Objectives

  • Define workstyle with an understanding of workplace implications
  • Discuss the value of knowing workstyles and how this can bring value to design and organizations
  • Identify types of workstyles and understand the different characteristics that define them
  • Understand details and the design implications with each workstyle

Content Outline

  1.  Overview
  2. Activity: Quiz
  3. Workstyle categories defined
  4. Dimensions that help categorize the workstyles
  5. Design implications and details
  6. Activity & Close