Understanding WELL Building in the Workplace

AIA Course #: HAW583; HSW
IDCEC Course #: CC-CC-104407; HSW
USGBC/GBCI #: 920004327
Subject Code: 2. Interior Design / 12. Sustainable and or/Environmental Design

One Hour Course

Course Description

The movement towards a healthy and sustainable future requires knowing how to support people, nature and the built environment. This improves the triple bottom line. The goal of this course is to introduce the seven pillars of the new WELL Building Standards and help gain an understanding of incorporating these standards into the workplace. Awareness of these opportunities provides insight on the impact WELL Building has on businesses and its importance in the market.

Course Objectives

  • Explain “why” well-being matters in the work environment
  • Explore opportunities for companies to implement well-being programs
  • Learn about the structure and content of the WELL building standard
  • Explore the new standard through an actual case study

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. The Human Architecture Interface: Why the attention to well-being?
  3. Why Well-Being Matters to Business: Top Issues for people in professional settings
  4. Areas of Opportunity
  5. Case Study: WELL Building Standard Overview
  6. Air, Water, & Light
  7. Nourishment & Fitness
  8. Comfort & Mind
  9. Conclusion | Question & Answer