Design Versus the Left Brain

AIA Course #: HAW570
IDCEC Course #: 101169
Subject Code: 1.4 Theory & Creativity: Psychology & 8.5 Business & Professional Practice: Personal Development

One Hour Course

Course Description

This course reveals the importance of understanding how mental models, our right/left brain tendencies and our culturally tainted upbringing affect our perceptions and perspectives. Through a series of examples and interactive exercises, the audience will appreciate how improving our understanding of ourselves and others (be it differences in expertise or differences in culture) will lead to better problem solving, better strategic, better planning, and better thinking.

Course Objectives

  • Why design thinking is important for ALL organizations.
  • Understanding the “character” of the right and left brains.
  • Appreciating the alignment of right/left brain thinking with culture and geography.
  • How the above will affect the future of organizations

Content Outline

  1. This segment focuses on problem complexity today and why right brain characteristics are necessary to solve them. Also discussed is how we are affected by the mental models in general and specific to the interiors industry.
  2. Here we compare the characteristics of the right and left brains and make comparisons to fields of design and science.
  3. Next are several examples of how our brain function is the same regardless of culture and geography. These examples are all relevant to the interiors industry.
  4. Next we compare the right and left brain characteristics with Greek and Eastern philosophy (culture/geography) and discuss the uncanny overlaps.
  5. Several interactive exercises are done to demonstrate the tendencies in our perceptions based on our Greek or Eastern influence.
  6. Finish with a discussion of the bibliography and a few more interactive exercises from the books. Take questions as time allows.