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Create Social Spaces

Let’s face it, the office is more than just a place to work. Bringing people together can spark great ideas and make things happen – it’s just good business practice. Now and in the foreseeable future, offices are transforming into thoughtful, smart spaces that are not only beautiful, but help employees connect with one another and work together more effectively. The workplace is a laboratory for ideas and as such should reflect the company’s brand and the personality of the people that “live” in it. Comfortable and welcoming lobbies, outdoor spaces, game rooms, cafes and kitchens are all spaces where people can get together and make the workplace more enjoyable.



Cultivate by Haworth

Design a new space from scratch or integrate Cultivate into an existing floorplate to create a work table for the office that fosters community. Cultivate provides an informal communal hub, adding social spaces and break areas to the office landscape. Whether sitting- or standing-height, it’s easy to support varying postures and spur creativity.

Immerse by Haworth

See how things STACK up

STACK nurtures the natural human tendency for spontaneity and multitasking with its welcoming double-layer design. The lower sill offers space, storage, and flexibility to keep your resources within arm’s reach.


Gan Brand by Haworth

Inspired by the Heart, Created by Hand

GAN rugs and poufs are gently made by hand, piece by piece. Each is created in India from a collaboration between experienced artisans, who use natural fibers like cotton and wool, and designers who adapt their vision to artisanal skills. Haworth is proud to be a part of GAN’s continuing efforts to bring fair trade opportunities to entrepreneurial women in a country built on craftsmanship and tradition.

Gan Mangas Original

The playful patterns and shapes of Mangas Original rugs and poufs offer an alternative spot for an impromptu meeting or just to relax. Large knots of handloomed wool add a cozy softness that draws people in. Mangas Originals add visual and tactile interest wherever they are used.

Denro by OFS

Nature inspires.

As the Denro table is a tree section, it instinctively brings the warmth and inspiration of natural elements inside. Organic forms soften interior landscapes subtly offering respite in a world of constant activity. Denro’s sassafras, walnut and oak selections showcase nature’s beauty in an artistic, functional manner keeping people connected to the environment.

Riverbend & Pebble by Haworth

Spark Creativity and Innovation

Riverbend lounge seating and Pebble ottoman are easily configured to let you create a range of settings that offer people choices for individual work and contemplation, face-to-face discussions, or collaborative sessions.

Pip by Haworth


The playful Pip™ personal laptop table contributes to a warm ambience, bringing a light and whimsical—yet functional—feature to the work environment.

Pebble Ottoman by Haworth

Pebble ottoman is a designed for use in short-term spaces that support people’s needs for a variety of purposeful work settings—from open, collaborative spaces to areas for quiet contemplation. With its neutral versatility, Pebble beautifully complements Riverbend™ lounge seating and your other furniture to work in a variety of applications and floorplate sizes.


Gigi II by Haworth


Sophisticated Ease
With relaxed conversation and nowhere you have to be, sinking into Gigi II seating is like being transported to a breezy porch or luxury resort. The hand-woven, curvilinear shape, supported by an elegant yet sturdy frame, brings a new level of sophistication and ease to the workplace. Complementary stools offer even more design possibilities.

BuzziPicNic by Haworth Collection


Communal and Casual

A casual table that brings people together to share food or simply sit and work, meet, or collaborate. BuzziPicNic is crafted of solid wood with a modern interpretation—a cutout for cables accommodates the mobile devices people need to stay connected. A variety of table styles and benches allow people to spread out and get comfortable.

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