Spark Collaboration

Flexibility at Work

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery in your work day. Community spaces – including open collaborative workspaces, informal meeting setups, and lounge areas – allow employees space to break out for brainstorming and collaboration. It’s been proven that allowing employees to work where they want to/how they want to create more engagement and job satisfaction. Thoughtful workplace design gives people more control at work empowering them to work the way they want. In turn, this makes employees feel valued and ultimately contributes to their happiness and work efficiency.


Riverbend & Pebble by Haworth

Invite Spontaneous Collaboration

A culture that fosters collaboration helps people work efficiently, perform their best, and stay engaged. Riverbend and Pebble create settings that invite social interaction, casual meetings, and group work.


Cultivate by Haworth

Cultivate is a shared table that creates a sense of community, encouraging interaction and collaboration with an inviting balance of practicality and visual appeal. It brings warmth and variety, enhancing creativity in social spaces and community environments.

Immerse Tables


Human beings are social creatures. We crave interaction and thrive in moments of spontaneity. Immerse worksurfaces were thoughtfully designed to help us connect, collaborate, and engage. The tables create a welcoming atmosphere in the workplace where serendipity can flourish.

Portal by Boss Design

Portal is designed to facilitate simpler team collaboration. Each unit can be supplied either mobile or static, depending on the needs of the environment and is supplied fully wired to an internal power block that makes connecting a screen as easy as possible.


Poppy by Haworth

Today’s thinkers, creators, and doers seek meaningful spaces that support their work—spaces that are easy-going and purposeful. The Poppy family of seating helps furnish comfortable, flexible spaces that can support a variety of work processes to foster the creative performance crucial for innovation.


Avi by Orangebox

A classic low or highback armchair.

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