Desks Need Love

Maximize Space at Work

Workstations and private offices have been around for over 50+ years. Today, new, creative design applications that incorporate both benching solutions in combination with assigned private areas, not only increase the floor’s capacity but can support collaboration. Allowing for a variety of areas in a workspace ensure that employees can regroup and recharge throughout the day. The evolution of the desk has come a long way and we can’t wait to show you.

Product Highlight

Compose Echo WorkspacesView

Compose Echo Workspaces

Workspaces that redefine flexibility to maximize human performance and facility performance—without sacrificing one for the other.

Designed by Haworth Design Studio, Compose Echo is the system for the next generation—where individual and collaborative work happen fluidly in one neighborhood. Each element was deliberately thought out to fit together, with the freedom to move in between. Workspaces maximize space utilization and changing cultures to support a variety of workstyles in an open plan—effortlessly responding to workplace needs of the future.

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