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A well-designed work environment provides a wide range of seating options: from lounge pieces to ergonomic task seating. Employee comfort is one of the top workplace issues challenging organizations today. Seating plays a huge part in this new revolution. Promoting well-being leads to increased engagement, creativity and effectiveness. Experts agree that your workstation chair is perhaps the single most important component of a healthy working environment. This is also applicable to other workspace seating, including stools and side chairs in amenity areas, conference and board room seating and even outdoor seating to round out the mix! A chair that looks as good as it feels is the ultimate goal.


Soji by Haworth

Comfortable by Design

Soji fuses comfort and elegance to offer more ergonomic options and a greater range of design freedom than other desk chairs in its class. Backed by over 30 years of seating research, knowledge, and expertise, Soji embraces the relationship between the human body and office chair, ensuring exceptional comfort for just about any body.


Nub by Andreu World


The Nub is an attractive and unique collection of chairs, armchairs and lounge chairs and benches with solid beech frame and numerous finish options. The design is the result of sophisticated woodworking process and the modern detailing of the sculpted backrest.

Poppy Chair by Haworth


The Poppy family of seating helps furnish comfortable, flexible spaces that can support a variety of work processes to foster the creative performance crucial for innovation.


Pebble Ottoman by Haworth

Pebble ottoman is a designed for use in short-term spaces that support people’s needs for a variety of purposeful work settings—from open, collaborative spaces
to areas for quiet contemplation. With its neutral versatility, Pebble beautifully complements Riverbend™ lounge seating and your other furniture to work in a
variety of applications and floorplate sizes.


Very Chair by Haworth

Very Versatile

The Very task chair, executive chair, and stool and side chairs provide office seating solutions that support individual comfort for a variety of tasks. Configure and reconfigure these versatile Very chairs for employee workstations, seated touchdown areas, conference areas, private offices and more.


Fern by Haworth

Introducing the Fern task chair—the world’s first chair designed with edgeless comfort. Inspired by nature, Fern puts the person at the center of work with new levels of balance, flexibility, and performance.


Forest by Janus et Cie

Iconic Indoors or Out

With its organic silhouette and striking form, Forest brings vitality to any social space, from collaborative areas and casual outdoor meeting spaces, to patios designed for entertaining in style. A diverse palette of finishes and a full range of seating options—including side and arm chairs, as well as stools in two heights—accommodate the needs of the setting, while reflecting the organization’s culture, style, and brand.

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