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Privacy at Work

Sometimes all you need is a comfortable space to work alone – or just relax. A space that is inviting for just you…and your team for when they miss you. Privacy doesn’t have to be a luxury with the right office design. Whether you are seeking a quiet space for yourself, a one-on-one meeting or a group meeting, there are a lot of ways you can add privacy to your workplace.

Mango by Boss Design

Comfy Escape

Mango, a personal workspace solution, is created with headspace in mind. Striking the perfect balance between privacy and ergonomics, Mango allows its user to comfortably escape distractions for extended periods of time without the need to leave the room.


BuzziSpark by Haworth

Comfy Escape

Designed with social spaces in mind, BuzziSpark invites you to relax into the comfort of an acoustic shelter. In open floor plans, BuzziSpark can be used to create a private meeting space or alternative workstation without distraction, encouraging uninterrupted focus. With various configurations, it’s also an oasis that invites you to observe your surroundings.


ThinkingQuietly by Darran

The Cone, part of the ThinkingQuietly conference line, is an overhead meeting space designed to create privacy for users, significantly reducing noise and creating a balanced sound environment. The ThinkingQuietly conference line offers a solution for peace and quiet within collaborative space, creating an environment for maximizing productivity and ideas.


Corner Office by Pablo

Visual Privacy

Corner Office contributes to well-being and workstyle needs through access to power, LED light, and privacy. When used alone, it creates a quiet alcove or touchdown for one. Arranged in multiples, Corner Office offers visual privacy in open spaces.

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