Cambridge, MA

Size 50K SF
Architect Packard Design
Project Manager Diversified Project Management
Construction Structure Tone
Products Haworth Enclose Walls, Raised Access Flooring, Under Floor Modular Power, Compose Workstations, Reside & Beside Private Offices, Very Conference Chairs; Neinkamper Conference Tables; Harter Café Seating; Keilhauer & HBF Lounge Seating
Date June 2013
Photographer Damianos Photography

Environments at Work (EAW) partnered with Akamai to provide a comprehensive interior solution which included demountable walls, raised access floors, under floor modular power, and furniture for their new office space in Cambridge, MA. The design intent of the project was to create a colorful environment for the Akamai staff that was flexible and able to support different business teams.

Modular under floor power and data were specified along with raised access flooring for easy access. Having unlimited access to power and data termination points throughout the space enables Akamai to change work functions within the space with ease - changing conference rooms into private offices one day and installing workstation pods in the same location the next, if necessary. Demountable floor to ceiling walls support this functionality as well with standardized panel widths and heights that can be changed from a single office into a meeting room or removed to make space for additional workstations.

Private offices with glass fronts are positioned throughout the core of the building and workstations ring the perimeter of the building allowing natural light to circulate throughout the space. Both private office furniture and the workstations were designed for ultimate flexibility with a small kit of parts that are interchangeable and reconfigurable. Height adjustable tables were used at all locations for true ergonomic benefits and to allow users control of their working environment.

The use of bold and vibrant colors throughout the office coordinated with the Akamai branding message for a cohesive design and presentation.