Herb Connolly Acura

Framingham, MA

Size 53K SF
Architect Architectural Design Group
Project MangerFMC
Construction Jones Lang LaSalle
Products Haworth Unigroup, Andreu World, Carolina Business Furniture, HBF, First Office, Tuohy, Vitra Inc, Watson Furniture Group
Date October 2012
Photographer Herb Connolly Acura of Framingham

Herb Connolly Acura needed a facelift to their old showroom so they approached Environments at Work to help them design and coordinate new showroom and office spaces. In the spring of 2012, Herb Connolly began the process of knocking down their existing building and constructing a new one, working in a temporary location while they awaited construction of their new building.

EAW worked alongside the architect and client to design and implement a beautiful showroom as well as an upstairs office space. Using Acura standards, EAW was able to create a clean and modern atmosphere for client interactions throughout the entire car buying/ maintenance experience. The furniture standards that Acura/Honda set in place incorporated a number of high end furniture pieces that complimented the interior finishes of the space. Using Haworth systems products on the upstairs level, EAW created an office area for the sales agents that provided them with a functional space to meet their storage and working needs. The end result was an eye catching, beautiful, modern showroom in addition to an updated, highly functional office space.