Marshfield, MA

Size 5,000 SF
Architect Colin Smith Architecture, Inc.
Project Manager Andrew Foss
Construction Foss Construction
Products Haworth Compose Workstations, Zody Task & Very Side Seating, Belong Screens, Planes Mobile Markerboards
Date 2014

Environments at Work (EAW) helped Oceanos with the expansion of their existing space.  The project consisted of nineteen workstations, five manager offices, and task seating.  The design intent of the project was to create a workspace that emulated the young, progressive culture of the organization by providing a workstation layout that was unique and “out of the box” .  Additionally, EAW was required to integrate new furniture with existing pieces.  These challenges provided EAW with creative opportunities and a sophisticated client receptive to collaborate with EAW utilizing CET Designer, an intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space-planning software. 

Instead of presenting the client with paper drawings,  the EAW design team was able to use the CET design specifying software to drag and drop components into 2D and 3D virtual environments for the client to review.  With the client at her side, the EAW designer was able to make workspace layout and finish modifications on the fly, providing the Oceanos team with the ability to better visualize their new space. In turn, the client was empowered to make final design and finish decisions regarding color, price and layout more efficiently and confidently than if paper drawings were used. 

The client was pleased with both the quality and speed of EAW’s work.  EAW completed the project on budget and within the proposed timeframe while instilling confidence and creating a workspace that Oceanos truly enjoys.