Markets Served

Whatever business you’re in, we have the right furniture solution for your needs.

We have access to thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers. And if you still can’t find the right product or service, we can create a custom solution for you.


Environments at Work has helped hundreds of companies create successful work environments. From start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies, our solutions can be tailored to meet your needs. Our solutions range from high-end wood case goods for traditional companies to mobile desking and modular storage systems for interactive, collaborative spaces. Whatever your company culture is, we can create the right space for you.


Environments at Work takes a fresh approach to the demands facing healthcare facilities. We understand the needs of healthcare providers and acknowledge that those needs are ever changing.

From administrative areas and critical care units to pharmacies and labs, we have partnered with a group of exceptional healthcare manufacturers to provide your patients and staff with a healthy workplace and positive healing environment. Our cost effective, needs-based approach addresses budgetary concerns, flexibility and safety.


We know your customer experience is everything. That’s why we have the right solutions that represent your brand and provide your customers with the right environment. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or other hospitality environment, we have the products to integrate with the total experience.

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities have special needs and we have the right solutions for the learning environment. Environments at Work has numerous solutions for classrooms, lounge areas, cafeterias and learning labs. We can provide the products and knowledge to help you create successful learning and teaching environments.

Government Sales

We offer solutions that help federal, state and local government agencies work more efficiently while saving time and money. Even with recent efforts to simplify government procurement, the process is complex.

We are experienced working with federal, state, county and municipal government agencies and departments and understand the complex requirements of public sector procurement.  With access to numerous contract options and teaming arrangements we can help you meet your goals, create innovative and effective work environments, and accommodate a multi-generational, mobile workforce and ever-changing technologies. 

For more information, please follow one of the following pages: Federal Government or State, County, Municipal Government and Eligible Entities.

Life Science

Changes inevitably become necessary, which can be costly in terms of money and disruption of service. Whether it’s a small research facility for a pharmaceutical company or a clinical lab in a large hospital environment, EAW has the experience and the skills to help you through the process.